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Coupons: How Your Customers Add Coupons To Their Order

In this article, we'll take a look at the customer experience when it comes to adding a coupon to their order.

Thr!ve Online has several ways of adding coupons, including the Coupon Walkthru, Coupon buttons, Loyalty Coupons, Coupon Code and Auto Apply Coupons.    Let's take a look at how each of these work!

Coupon Walkthru

To make coupons and specials as easy as possible for your customers, the Coupon Walkthru will guide them right through their order.   To set up the walkthru, be sure to add a coupon category and coupon buttons for your online specials.

Your customer can click on the "Online Specials" section to see the available deals.

If you have a simple offer, like a $ or % off their order, clicking the button will apply the offer to their order 

If you have a more complicated coupon that requires specific items to be ordered, Thrive Online will help your customer through the process. Once the customer clicks 'Add to Cart' on any of these specials, the system will first check if the customer already has the required items in their cart.   If they do, they'll see a message like this, confirming that the coupon is added:

If the customer does not have all the items already ordered, the coupon walkthru will begin.  The customer will be informed of the coupon's requirements:

Then, 1 item at a time, the customer will be prompted to choose to add to their cart.   In this example, the first required item is Cheese Stix.

Once the customer chooses to Add Item, they may have an option to customize that item 

When the customer is done editing, the Coupon Walkthru will take over again, leading them to choose their next item

This continues until all the requirements for the coupon have been fulfilled.  Now the coupon appears in the cart associated with the appropriate items.

If you have an offer that is not valid for other reasons, such as time of day, minimum purchase, or other restrictions, your customer will see why this coupon can not apply:

Coupon Code

Sometimes, you might want to publish a special deal that requires a code to redeem.  Coupon codes help you track where the customer got the offer, so you can monitor your marketing effectiveness. Coupon codes are also useful for those deals that you don't want to give to everyone who orders online. 

Your customers can enter the coupon code on the Order Review screen, prior to final check out.

The system will notify them if they haven't ordered the required items for the coupon:

Or if other restrictions prevent this coupon from applying:

Coupon Codes are set up in your point-of-sale system coupon configuration.  Navigate to Special Offers and edit the coupon, then click on the Offer Tracking / Value tab, and enter the "Coupon Code".   Upon save, it should automatically update to Thrive Online (if set to do so).   Coupon codes can be alphanumeric, and they are case sensitive.

Loyalty Coupons

For even more exclusive coupons, Thrive Online integrates with Thrive Loyalty to automatically honor VIP customers with rewards and offers that they've earned. When a loyalty customer logs into the system, any available offers will show below the virtual ticket.

The customer just needs to press "ADD" to apply this coupon.  If items are required, this will initiate the Coupon Walkthru. 

Auto Apply Coupons

Make your deals even easier with Auto Apply Offers.  If you've got a combo deal or any other every-day-value offer, just set it in your POS system to "Automatically Apply". Then, whenever a customer fulfills the requirements, their coupon will apply automatically.

Making coupons and special deals easy for your customers is one way that Thrive Online improves the ordering experience and helps you give the best possible service!

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