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Menu Categories

All of your menu items will import from your POS, however you will need to select which menu categories you want displayed on your online site. 

To setup your menu; click on the Items & Menus drop down > Click on Menu Categories.

The menu layout screen will appear. 

Adding Menu Categories

First, if you are using Classic Design, choose your Display Mode.  Grid mode will show vertical boxes 2 or 3 across the screen.   Horizontal mode will show 1 category across the screen.   These modes do not apply to Modern design.

If you have multiple locations, make sure you select the proper location from the drop down on the upper right side before you get started.

The first time you come to this page the main part of the screen will be empty as your menu has not been setup yet.. To start adding categories to your menu, click on one ore more categories on the left hand side of the screen and click "Add Selected".

Your category will be added to the right side of the screen.

The category may display your default image, or no image at all if you have not specified a default image. To learn more about images click here. Use the pencil icon to edit this category.

MODERN:  Editing Category

Click on the pencil on the category button to edit the category settings.  

Browse Image:  If you have not mapped an image to the category already, you can select one from your uploaded (or stock) images here.

Category Name:  Revise the name if needed. 

Combine Categories:  Select from a list of categories not already on the layout if you wish to combine any categories. 

Use Builder Layout:   In Modern design, the optional builder layout will divide the customization screens based on modifier categories, so users will click next to walk through  "Choose your Size/Style",  Choose Your Cheese,  Choose Your Toppings, etc. 

Use Numerical Control for Modifiers:  This setting will include a numeric + and - option for all modifiers in the category. 

Show Half & Half Specialty Drop Down:   If your category is a pizza category and you wish to allow half & half specialties (Such as half meat lovers, half garden), check this box. 

Apply Design for All Menus:  Allows you to easily copy these settings to other categories. 

Restrict Availability for this category to certain times of day:      Check this to enter a time frame when this menu is available (great for lunch specials)

Save the category when complete.

CLASSIC:  Editing Category

Click the pencil on the category button to edit the category.  Here you can set an image, change the shape, style, font, and color of this menu category button.   You can also change the category name here. 

The "Combine Categories" function allows you to select other categories to display along with this category.  For example, your POS system may have a category for Soft Drinks and one for Other Drinks, but online you wish to combine these into one category called Drinks.

Check the "apply the design you have chosen to all your menus"  to quickly copy your formatting to the rest of your buttons.

Tip: Be sure to upload your custom images before you start managing your categories.

You also have the ability to restrict availability for this category during certain times of the day. For example if you do not serve breakfast all day, you can check this box and it will restrict the item during the day after breakfast ends.

Once you have saved your design it will update in the menu area.

Modifying Layout

Continue these steps until you have built up your menu the way you want it. You can move the categories around on the screen to best suit the way you want them displayed to the customer by dragging and dropping where you want them.

The category will move where you want it and the screen will be updated.

To add a category for coupons, click the "New Category" button.

The same window as the edit category screen will appear. Select your image, button style, font and color styles and name the category and save.  The type will default to "Offer".  The coupon category will be added to the menu. To read more click here.

When you are satisfied with your design click the next button to save your changes. 

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