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Start Here: Thrive Online Set Up Overview

Ready to get started setting up your Thrive Online ordering account?

We've got videos and articles to step you through the process.

1.  Preparing your POS System

Because Thr!ve Online uses all the same items, pricing, coupons and set up from your POS, a lot of the set up starts with making your Thrive or FireFly point-of-sale system ready for customer use!  You may not have originally thought that customers would be using your menu -- so the first step is to make sure to show just the items you want online and to show them off with the best names and descriptions possible.

READ THIS ARTICLE    or   WATCH THIS VIDEO   to learn more about setting up your POS system!

2. Thr!ve Online Overview

Once your POS system is set up, you can log into your Thrive Online system and get started designing your site.

WATCH THIS VIDEO for an introduction to Thrive Online

3. Menu Items & Images

Just a small bit of set up in Thr!ve Online will control which menu categories are displayed, how your system looks, and make mouths water with delicious-looking pictures!

VIDEO:   Menu Items & Images
ARTICLE:  Menu Categories
ARTICLE:  Images

4. Setting Your Delivery Area

If you've already drawn a map in your Thrive POS system, you're all set.  If not, draw your delivery area in Thrive Online. 

VIDEO:  Delivery Area 
ARTICLE:  Delivery Area

That's pretty much it!  You can test some orders and then just publish the link on your website!


Looking to pump up your site even more?   Learn how to:

Add item suggestive selling --  VIDEO   ARTICLE
Add coupons to your menu --  VIDEO   ARTICLE

Need help?  Visit our support portal to submit a ticket or call 817-750-3947 to speak with a consultant.

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