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Section Headers (Classic Design)

The "Section Header" are the small menu tabs that appear at the top of your menu once you have selected a particular category.  (In Classic Design only)

To design your section headers click on the items & Menus drop down > Click on Section Header.

The section header edit screen will appear.

If you have multiple locations,make sure you select the location you want to edit before proceeding.

The section header is the customer's navigation through your site. You want to make sure it pops so that they can easily see where they need to go.

Select how you want your buttons to appear on your site by choosing a button style, border, font style, and size. Your selections will display to the right of the screen so you can see how your button headers will look with your selections.

The color palette you chose while designing your site will appear at the bottom. You can select what color you want your buttons and your text to be. Make sure you select colors that will contrast well with the rest of your site's design.  The "Selected" button color can be different to help indicate to your customers which menu they are currently viewing.

Check the "apply this design for all section headers" box to quickly copy your formatting to all buttons.  

Once you are satisfied with you selections, click the Next button to save your changes. You can view your website to see how everything flows by clicking on the login drop down and clicking "View Site".

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