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Item Configuration

Although most menu item configuration comes from your POS system, you can control some settings related to how items appear.

To configure your items click on the Items & Menu drop down > Click on Item Menus.

The item configuration page will appear.

If you have multiple locations make sure you set the location you want to edit before beginning.

To turn features on and off, slide the bar left or right.

Display Description:  This will display the "item description" as defined in your POS system on the item button, and on the item modification screen.  Mouth-watering descriptions can help make your items more appealing. 

Tip:  Use descriptive words like "tasty" or "organic", brand names, regional descriptions like "local" or "Northwest", or personalized descriptions like "Uncle Joe's favorite".  Consumers respond to these carefully crafted phrases!

Display Price:  This will display the price of the item on the item button.  If prices are not displayed here, the customer will see the price when they add the item to the cart.

Display Size / Style Descriptions:   This will display the size description (as defined in the POS under Department / Size) on the item modification screen below the size chooser.   This is useful if you want to give more information about a size, for instance a Large "Serves 4-5"

Display Individual Modifier Prices:  This will inform the customer of the upcharge amount when they add a modifier to an item, rather than just rolling that into the item's total.

For "When item is selected" select the option that best fits your needs for a website.
  • Show Customization: Will take your guests straight to the options that are attached to the selected menu item.
  • Order Immediately: This will place the item in the cart with the default modifiers; the guest can edit the item by selecting the edit icon.

  • Ask User If They Wish To Customize:  This lets the user choose if they wish to make any modifications to the item.

When you are satisfied with you setup click the "Next" button to save your changes.

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