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Uploading Images

Thrive Online allows you to upload and manage your own images. These can be used for menu items, headers/footers, etc.

We've provided stock images for many common restaurant items.  However, your specialty items and entrees are unique - and you'll show off your food best if you upload custom images!  When taking pictures, try to have a consistent, uncluttered background and consistent plating whenever possible. Make sure the lighting is good and your images are focused so that your food is as appealing as possible.  You might want to consider hiring a local photographer or bribing a hobbyist with a free meal to get great photos!

To upload and manage your images click on the Images drop-down > Click on My Image.

The image screen will appear.

Here you can upload images,  manage ones that are already in your image bank, search for images, and delete unwanted ones.

To add an image you can either drag and drop a file into the "Drag file here" section, or you can upload one directly from your computer.

Once your image has been uploaded, you will get a confirmation notice.

A few tips to consider when uploading your images:

  • Be sure to resize your images prior to uploading them using your choice of photo program.   Plan on menu item images being square, with a maximum size of 210 x 210 pixels.  High resolution photos slow page load times, so save your photos optimized for "web" or "Screen" resolution, as a .jpg or .png format. 
  • If you will be importing a lot of images, you can organize them in a zip file. The name of the file will create a new image category name, so if you want to organize "toppings", "drinks", "desserts" in different files you can create different zip files.
  • If you will be using images in a custom header, upload those here as well.
  • Be sure to name your images well so when you go back to search for them you can find them easily.
You can search for images here:

If you no longer need an image you can delete it permanently from the site. If you delete an image it will cut all ties to whatever the image is mapped to.

If you need to update an image that is mapped to various menu items you can use the replace function instead of the delete function. This will update the image and its mappings.

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