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Workflow Ordering (Classic)

NOTE:  This section only applies to users with the "Classic" design.   The Modern design does not have ordering workflow configuration.

How do you want your ordering to flow? To set up how your workflow is presented to the customer click on the design drop down > Click on workflow.

The workflow screen will appear.


The first choice is how the customer is presented with modifying options. Do you want a popup to appear or do you want the modifiers to show on the page. Slide the bar to the left for pop up and to the right for on page.

Pop Up:
When set to pop up, a window will appear on the screen and allow the user to modify an item. A X on the side of the screen will close the pop up, or you can click "Close."

On The Page:

When set to on the page, the modifies will appear on the same page. The user can click "Cancel" to exit off the modifiers screen.



How do you want your modifiers to be organized on the screen? Select from the options in the drop down how you want the modifiers to look when the customer sees them.


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