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Customizing Your Look

Creating the perfect look for your site should not be stressful. Thrive Online makes it easy to customize the look of your site so that it's pleasing to the customer eye.

To customize your look click on the Design drop down > Click on Look.

The "Look" page will appear. 

Classic vs. Modern

Thrive Online has 2 different design templates.  We recommend "Modern" for most sites.   To use the Modern design, click on Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page.

Then, select the Modern option: 


The "Classic" option is another design alternative. 
Preview Modern is used to turn on the "Modern" design features in the configuration area without affecting a live site. 

Modern:  Color Palette

With Modern design active, your color palette is shown at the top of the screen. 

This design uses 4 colors.  To customize these, navigate to the Design > Look page. Click on Customize Colors to select your color choices. You don't have to pick 4 different ones - you can just pick two as shown below for a clean look.

When you select Customize Colors you'll see a preview of your site, so as you change a color you can easily see how it will impact the design.

In some areas of the site, a variation of your selected color will be used (lighter or darker). You can click on "Edit All Colors" to see all the shades that will be used. We recommend that you leave the "Compute Shades" checked.

Clicking NEXT will save your changes and move to the next configuration screen. 

Classic:  Color & Design

When using the "Classic" design template, the configuration options are a bit different: 

We have put together a series of color palettes that you can choose from in the dropdown. These are pre-set and cannot be changed.

However, if none of these colors work for you, you have the option to customize your own palette by clicking on "Customize".

A window will appear where you can enter hex color codes to create your own color palette. Click on the box of the color you want to change. If you know the hex number of the color you want to use, you can enter it into the box and click add. 

If you do not know the number of the color you want to add you can click on the field where you can enter your color number and a color palette will appear.

Once you have selected the color you want; click Add and the color will be set in the block you chose.

Here is a breakdown of which color covers what part of your site.

Color 1: 
Cart / Sidebar background

Cart Header Text

Footer Text Font Color*

Header Text Color*

Pop up tab color (Selected)

Color 2:

Page background

Cart Header background

Footer Background Color*

Header Background Color*

Pop up main text

Color 3: Pick a color that contrasts well with Color 1

Pop up tab color

Pop up body text

Cart / Sidebar text

Button color (function buttons)

Selection indicator color

Pop up header

Color 4: Pick a color that will contrast well with Colors 1, 2 and 3

Button text (function)

Pop up main background

Pop up tab text

Pop up header text

Main screen hyperlinks

Color 5:

Button border (function)

Header Slogan Font Color*

Here is an example of a color palette we have put together and how it looks on a site.

When you are satisfied with your colors click Save.

Now that you have your colors selected, you can pick the style of buttons you want. We have a list of button styles you can choose from. The style you select will be the style on all of your site's navigation buttons.

Next it's time to select a font that will compliment your color styles. Choose a font from the drop down for your headlines.

Then select a font from the drop-down for the body of your site.

When you are satisfied with your changes click the "Next" button to save.

To view the changes you have made, navigate to Publish,  Publish to all locations, then click on the "View Site" button at the top right side of the screen under your login name.

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