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Publish Your Site

The Publish screen allows you to publish changes to your live site, and also gives you the information you need to link  your online ordering to your existing website.  

Navigate to the "Publish" tab. 

Publishing Design Changes. 

Any time you make changes to your website configuration, you should Publish. This will initiate a cache refresh, so that the changes will be viewable by all customers.  Just click "Publish All Locations".    OR, if you want to just update 1 location, you can publish individually below.

Linking To Your Website

Here you will find your physical site URL

The easiest way to promote your online ordering is to create some large buttons &/or graphics on your existing website, and link to this URL. 

If you wish, your webmaster can create a subdomain and forward it to this URL.  For instance, if your website is "", you can create a subdomain called, so your customers will feel they have not left your website.  This step is not required -- you can redirect directly to the link you see here which will start with

Don't forget to also link this on your Facebook & other social media!

Individual Location Options
If you wish to link to an individual location within your account, bypassing the location chooser, you can add to your URL to specify this.  Just add:   &locationId=123 after the URL  (Substituting your location Id).  This will default the site to the chosen location, but the user can still change locations by clicking on the Location picker.   (Be sure to capitalize the I in ID)

You can add  &sl  after the location Id for "Single Location" mode. This will default the site to the specified location and also hide the location picker, so the user can not change locations from the site. 

How to find your location Id?   In Thrive Online admin, navigate to Set up / Location Info, and click on the location.  Look at the URL in your browser and you will see that location's Id. 

IFrame Integration
Another method of integrating with your website is via an iframe.  This will embed your online ordering page within your main website.  This can give a more consistent look and feel to your website, and avoids redirecting users to another URL, but is not always reliable in all browsers.  

If you do choose to embed your site via an iframe, here is the code snippet you need:

Thr!ve online is designed to be mobile responsive.  However, if it is displayed in an iframe on your site, it may not resize to a mobile phone.   You may need to add this code snipped to your main website page (above the iframe) to allow it to resize. 

  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

If you have any questions on how to link your online ordering into your website you can contact your webmaster or Granbury Support at 800-750-3947

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