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Driver App Settings (DR!VE App)

Dr!ve is a mobile app for delivery drivers that works in conjunction with your POS system.  If you are licensed for the Dr!ve app, you can see the settings from within Thrive Online.

To navigate to this page click on the Setup drop-down > Click on Location Info.

Select the location you wish to edit the driver app settings on by clicking on their name.

Click on the Driver tab.

You will not be able to edit the "Enable Driver App" nor the "Number of Users. If you need to add additional users to your account please contact Granbury support.

Clicking the Import Driver button will import any drivers from your POS that have been added or changed recently.  Drivers should import automatically at save, but if you have just set up the app or for some reason updates have not been occurring, you can import here so that your drivers can log in to the driver app on their phones.  


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