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Payment Settings

Most of your Thrive Online payment settings will be configured in your POS system. 

For example, available tender types are authorized in Configuration / Tender Types in your POS. 
Required use of a CCV # on credit cards is configured in the POS Credit card set up area. 

Credit card payments will be authorized using your POS merchant account settings. 

Within Thr!ve online, you can control whether tips are accepted online or not.

To view your payment settings in Thrive Online, navigate to Setup > Location Info.

Select the location you wish to edit the payment settings on by clicking on their name.

Click on the Payment tab.

The payment settings page will show you how credit card processing is being done in Thrive Online. The only current option is to use the POS setting.

You may offer guests the option to add a tip during their online process. If you do not wish to allow this functionality you can disable allowing tips through Thr!ve Online and have them processed solely through the POS when the order is finalized in the store during a pick-up order or at the time of a delivery. To disable allowing tips online click on the slider bar.

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