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Define Your Delivery Area

When you set up your location and import your settings from your POS system, if you are using the Thr!ve POS system and have defined a delivery area map, this will automatically import.   If you are using FireFly, or do not have a delivery area map defined in your POS, you can add a delivery area directly in Thrive Online and map it to a zone in your POS.

Tip: You will only be able to add a new delivery area and map it to a preexisting zone from your POS. You will not be able to add a new zone from Thrive Online.

To add or edit your delivery areas click on the Setup drop-down > Click on Location Info.

Select the location for you wish to edit the delivery area by clicking on their name.

Click on the Delivery Area tab.

A map of your location area will be presented.

To add a new delivery area, select a drawing tool. 

Draw a new delivery area on the map.

If your POS system is set up to use delivery zones, you will be asked to connect your map area to a preexisting zone.

Select the zone you wish to map and click Save.  Repeat for various zones.

If your POS system is not configured to use delivery zones, you'll be asked to name your delivery area, and save.

Your new delivery areas will be displayed on the right.

Your changes will automatically be saved. 

Importing A Delivery Map (KML)
You may wish to import a map that was drawn directly on Google maps or used for a different online ordering system.  These maps can be exported from Google in a KML format.  Use the "Import KML" button to import the map.   Keep in mind, if you import from your Thr!ve system, the map in the POS will overlay on top of any maps already set up here.

To learn more about delivery areas you can read the articles in our Thr!ve knowledge base.

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