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Setup / Edit Order Types

When you set up your location and import your settings from your POS system, order types will automatically come over to your Thrive Online site. However you can edit these order types directly in Thr!ve Online due to the fact that some of your order types may not apply to your online services.

To edit your order types click on the Setup drop-down > Click on Location Info.

Select the location you wish to edit the order types on by clicking on their name.

Click on the Order Types tab.

All of your order types will be listed. You can use the slider to make them active or inactive based on your needs. For example, if you have Bar in your POS but it is not applicable for your online service you can inactivate it by click on the slider.

You can also have a different display name by entering it in the blank space to the right.

All of your changes will be automatically saved.

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