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Item Suggestions

Suggestive selling is a well-known sales booster that will dramatically improve your online ticket averages!

Item suggestions are popups that will suggest to the customer other items that will go well with their order.  While some of the configurations for item suggestions is done in Thrive Online, the majority of the work is done in your POS. You can read more about that here.

To edit suggestions in Thrive Online click on the Setup drop-down > Click Suggestions.

The suggestions page will appear.

On the right side of the screen you can select the location of the suggestions you wish to edit.

Currently Item Pairing is the only suggestion feature that is available in Thr!ve Online. In the future there will be 5 different types of suggestions in Thrive Online .
  • Item Pairing: Item pairing suggestions will appear when a customer orders a specific item and you want to entice them with something that will complement it. For example, A customer orders a pizza, you can suggest some wings to go with that pizza.
  • Quick In Cart: These will be implemented in  the future
  • Below The Cart: These will be implemented in  the future
  • Final Order Review: These will be implemented in  the future
  • Next Time: These will be implemented in  the future
Clicking on the checkmark inside the suggestion box will deactivate suggestions for that location.

The box will turn grey. To reactive suggestions just click on the box again.

Clicking on the pencil icon will allow you to edit how you want these suggestions to work.

The system will prioritize to offer one suggestion per item, in the order displayed here.

  • Personalized: Will remember the customer and make suggestions to them upon login based on what they previously ordered, but haven't yet ordered this time.
  • Specified by me: Will make suggestions based on what you have set up in your POS.
You can also specify how many times a suggestion will happen during the customer's order experience by setting the maximum # of times to suggest. Click on Continue once you are satisfied with your changes.

Sometimes the wording of a suggestion can be more powerful than the actual picture. You can set what you want to say to the customer by clicking on the "Customize the wording of my suggestions" link.

What you put here is what the customer will read when a suggestion is presented to them. When you are satisfied with your changes click Continue.

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