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Location Info Screen

The Location Info screen displays all of your available locations. From this screen, you can choose to make minor edits and imports. To navigate to this screen click on Setup > Location Info

You will be taken to the Location Info screen.

The name of your location will be located on the left. You can click on the name and you will be taken to the location's information screen where you can perform further edits.

The Active/Inactive column allows you to easily make your location active or inactive at any time. To change the status of your location simply click on the slider and it will move to the left for inactive or the right for active.   

When a location is inactive, it will not be available for ordering.  If you only have 1 location, and it is inactive, your online site will show a message encouraging customers to call that location to order. 

If you wish to preview or test the online site of an inactive location, add a preview to the end of your online ordering URL.   This will allow you to see the inactive locations.

The Auth/Not Auth column is an internal Granbury function that will be greyed out.  If your location is not Authorized, please contact your Granbury customer care representative to find out why. 

The Import button allows you to import items, prices, coupons, delivery area mapping (Thrive only), authorized tender types, order types, taxes, delivery fees, and more from your Thrive or  FireFly POS.

Tip:  Set your POS system to automatically update Thrive Online when you make menu changes.  This is activated in Configuration / General / Store Setup. 

The delete column allows you to delete a location if it is no longer needed.

To add a new location simply click on the "Add New Location" button at the bottom of the screen.

Location Finder

At the top of the screen, you can configure the system to use "Location Finder".   Rather than showing customers a list of locations, customers will have the option to search for a location-based on their delivery address or city/state or zip.  This is useful when you have a large number of locations and it may be difficult for customers to know which one to select.

Set Location Finder to "Active" to use this feature.

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