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Managing Which Modifiers or Options Appear

When translating your menu online, you may wish to exclude specific modifiers from being added to specific items.   This is done using the Modifiers setting.

By default, when your menu is displayed online, items will display all topping-type categories as options for modifiers, as long as those topping-type items are not marked as "not available online".  If you have departments with a lot of different categories that don't apply to all items, you'll need to use this feature to exclude them.

This can be done at the category or item level. In this example, we're going to exclude taco sauce from a Hawaiian pizza.   OR, you could exclude it from all your specialty pizzas at once.

Configuration > Items >  Pizza > Specialty Pizza > Hawaiian > Edit

You'll be taken to the item edit screen > Click on Modifiers on the sub-navigation menu.

Find the item you're looking for under the Exclude Modifiers Setup area and add it to the right-hand side by clicking the double arrows.   OR, select an entire category. 

Taco sauce will no longer be available to customers online when ordering a Hawaiian pizza.

  • Override Category Defaults: Will override any modifiers set at the category level.
  • Only Allow Included Modifiers: Displays only those toppings that are defined as inclusions, so customers can remove or double those toppings but can not add any other modifiers.

Save your changes.

If your POS is set to update Thrive Online automatically, wait a few minutes.  If not, log in to Thrive Online, and from the locations screen, press Import.

From the ordering page of Thrive Online, double click on the Menu button to refresh your browser so you will see the changes.

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