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Thrive Online Basic Navigation

Get familiar with the basic navigation of Thrive Online!  

At any time you may click on any of the navigation buttons at the top of the screen. These quick jump buttons take you to any section of your Admin site that you need to make changes on. This will prevent you from having to scroll through Setup, Graphics, Items & Images, and the Publish page that will show you your restaurant link and Iframe option.

To navigate to a more specific location you can click on the drop-down arrow for more options.

You may also scroll through the site from beginning to end to make sure you cover all aspects of Thr!ve online Admin site by selecting the Next button on the bottom right of each page.

You may view your online ordering site at any time when you click View Site on the top right of the screen. If you have just imported but have not set up and menu sections or design options the site will not load.

***NOTE*** Changes that are made on the Thrive Online Admin site will not save unless you scroll to the Next page.

***NOTE*** You may need to refresh your page after making changes since your computer might have the cache of the older version. Refresh in the View Site mode by double-clicking on Menu button to reload the online page.

The Order Type & Location pop up will then show again.

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