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Importing Your POS Menu

Thrive Online has 2 ways of keeping your menu up to date - either by importing from Thrive online, or by automatically sending to Thr!ve Online every time you make a menu, price or coupon change.  

When you are first getting started, or if you ever think your menu is out of sync, it makes sense to do a full import from Thrive Online.

Log into Thrive Online and select Set Up My Account.

Click Locations:

Choose the location you wish to import.

Click Import Now

The Page will import and give you the below pop up once the import is complete.

Select the Next button to save changes.

Once the import occurs, it make take up to 5 minutes to process and appear in the online site.

You may now Click View Site to confirm that POS changes are now showing on your site.

***NOTE*** You may need to refresh your page after making changes since your computer might have the cache of the older version. Refresh in the View Site mode by double-clicking on Menu button to reload the online page.

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