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Curbside Ordering Options

Guests today expect more in terms of service, and curbside ordering is a great way to improve the guest experience. With Thrive's curbside option, your guest can notify the restaurant that they have arrived, so that staff can bring the food out to the car. Here's how to set this up.

Note: This curbside feature is available in Thrive POS 8.1.15 and Thrive Online 4.13.

Setting Curbside Options:

In Thrive Control Center, navigate to Configuration > Order Types > Order Types Settings.  On the right side of the screen is an icon for "Advanced Settings".  Curbside options are available for Pick Up, Drive Thru and To Go order types which you can rename as desired.

Turn the curbside setting to ON or Optional. If ON, all orders for this type will be considered curbside. If Optional, the customer may be given a choice if they want curbside service.

If you plan to use Curbside ordering for phone orders on the POS, you will want to send an e-mail receipt to the customer, as this will contain the link the customer needs to notify the staff they have arrived.

In Thrive Control Center, navigate to Configuration > Marketing > Order Confirmations.  Turn on the "POS Receipt At Time of order" and confirm that your "sent from name" is accurate.

To configure which printer will get the Curbside notification of arrival, navigate to Hardware > Printer Options > Printer Routing. Select Curbside Notification and then select the printer(s).

Placing a Curbside Order - POS

When Curbside is ON for an order type, finishing the order will require an e-mail address.

When Curbside is optional for an order type, the user will be asked to choose if the order is Curbside.

The customer receipt will include a curbside notification link:

Placing A Curbside Order - Online

When ordering online, if the Curbside order type setting is ON, the curbside check-in link will automatically be included on the customer's receipt.  If the Curbside order type setting is Optional for the order type, the customer will be asked if they want the order to be for Curbside pickup.

The customer's e-mailed receipt will include a curbside notification link.


Customer Check In Experience

When the customer clicks the curbside notification link they will have the opportunity to enter their vehicle type (car / SUV / truck / etc), Color, and, optionally, a parking spot / location


Notification in the Store

When a customer checks in as arrived, the store will be notified.

A ticket will print to the designated curbside printer with the ticket # and car/parking information.

Also the order will be highlighted in green on the orders screen. Click the car icon to expand the information.

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