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Direct Link to Rewards

Here's a tip to make your customer loyalty program even better with Thrive Online.

When a customer receives a reward message from Thrive Loyatly with an offer attached, you want that customer to be able to take action immediately on this offer!  They should be able to place an order online and easily redeem the offer.

Help your customers access their offers online by putting the Rewards page link in your marketing messages.

Then, when they click, they'll be taken straight to Thrive Online to log in & see their rewards page. 

To find your link:
For clients on Thrive version 8.0 or lower, log into Thrive Online Admin, click on the “Publish” menu option.   Your Online URL is listed there.   Just add:   &route=rewards to the end of it. You can also add this to the end of a specific location URL.

In Thrive Control Center (for version 8.1+) go to Configuration > Online Design > Publish. Add the &route=rewards to the end of the URL shown there.

Example:   Normal Thrive Online URL :

Rewards URL:

To learn more about modifying your loyalty messages, read this article.

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