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Coupon Header (Modern Design)

An attention-grabbing coupon header image at the top of the page will lead your customer directly into a coupon walk through.The display area for this image will range from 450 x 140 pixels to 590 x 130 pixels, based on screen size, zoom level, browser, etc.  Because of this variation, its best not to use logos or images but instead use food shots that can be cut off a bit on either side as the screen zooms in.

Save your image in "screen quality" so it is not too large.

Here's what it will look like on the site.

To add a coupon header, first go to Images > My Images and upload the image you'll use for the coupon header.  Then, navigate to Items & Menus > Menu Categories.
Select "New Category" at the bottom of the page.

On the New Category screen, select category type "Subheader Offer"

Use "Browse Image" to select your image, and choose your Offer. 

The POS Offer Display Name will appear in the upper left of the image. 
The POS offer description appears in smaller text below. This always displays in white text, so consider the appropriate contrast when selecting your image and your color scheme.   An "order now" button will appear automatically in the lower right.

When you've completed all your design changes, navigate to the Publish menu and select Publish for all locations. Your changes will be reflected shortly. 

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