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Direct Link to Register An Account

Ever want to direct your customers to sign up for loyalty, even before a location is open? Or directly from your website?   Make it simple for your customers by linking directly to your Thrive Online registration page.  When customers register here, they'll be creating an online ordering account and password as well as signing up for your rewards program in 1 step. 

To link directly to your Registration page, just add &route=register to the end of the Thrive online URL that you normally link with. 

So, for example, if your publish URL is you would use the link  

You can also specify an individual location (this is useful for new store openings) by adding the location's ID to the end of the URL like this:  

If the online ordering is not active for that location, the registration page will still work and will send customer data to your loyalty program, as long as the program information is set up.   Please work with your project manager to ensure that the new location information is configured properly.

After registering, the customer will see a Thank you page, with the option to order if online ordering is active.   They will receive the Welcome message as configured in your loyalty program. 

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