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Using Gift Card Payments Online

Let your customers pay with a gift card for their online order!

Thrive online supports gift card payments with the following circumstances:
  • WorldPay Express processing only.    (If you process with WorldPay and have EMV, you have WorldPay Express.  If you're not sure, contact Thrive Support for assistance)
  • Gift cards can only be used for same day orders.  Any scheduled orders for a future day will not allow gift cards.  This is because payment does not process until the day of the order, and it is possible the gift card would be empty by then. 

Note: For best result we recommend Thrive 8.0.66 version, which has some enhancements around order modifications that are pre-paid with gift.

Setting Up Gift Cards:

Make sure your gift card program is set up in Thrive POS.  
In the Thrive POS system, navigate to Configuration > Tax / Tender / Cash > Tender.   For Gift, turn on the "Available Online" setting.

This should sync automatically to Thrive Online.

Using Gift Cards Online

When checking out with Thrive Online, if gift cards are active, the user will have the option to enter the gift card # and, optionally, the PIN or CVV#.

Once you type in the gift card #, the option to "Check Balance" Will appear:

You can choose to check the balance or just select Apply, and the system will perform a balance check anyway.

If the gift card is enough to cover the order, you'll get a success message like this: 

If the gift card does not have enough to pay for the complete order, you'll see this:

Then, you can select another payment method for the balance:

If the gift card has $0.00 balance, you'll get this message:

Like credit cards, gift card payments will be transmitted to the POS and transactions can be edited from there.

Selling Gift Cards

Thrive Online does not handle gift card activation or reload.   WorldPay has an online solution that can be embedded in your website for selling gift cards online.   Contact your WorldPay representative for details.

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