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Creating and Adding A Google Tag Manager Container ID To Thrive Online

Using Google Tag Manager With Thrive Online

In this article, I’ll explain why you should use Google Tag Manager with Thr!ve Online and Your Website. You will first need to create a Google tag manager account and obtain a tag container ID. The video below explains this.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is free software from Google. Google Tag Manager or GTM for short, allows you to consolidate tracking pixels or tags from multiple sources. For example, if you run Facebook ads, you will get a Facebook pixel to put on your site. If you run Google ads, you will get an Adwords pixel. If you want to use Google Analytics to analyze customer behavior on your site, you will get an Analytics pixel.   Rather than adding all these to your Thrive Online site, you'll set up a Google Tag Manager account, add all your tracking pixels to that account, and then apply just 1 account ID (the Google Tag Manager Container ID) to your Thr!ve Online site.   This will then allow you to use various analytics sites to track the performance of your restaurant’s advertising.

Some people confuse Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics, asking which one should they use. Actually, the answer is that they should use both.

Imagine Google Tag Manager like a toolbox, where you keep all your tools: a ruler (Google Analytics), a hammer (Google Adwords).

Google Analytics is not the only tag compatible with Google Tag Manager. Other examples include:

Google Adwords Conversion Tag.
Google Adwords Remarketing Tag.
Facebook Pixel code.
Crazyegg tracking code.
Inspectlet tracking code.
Any other custom HTML/Javascript code (The Nerdy Stuff)

How to add your Container ID to Thrive Online:

Navigate to the Account Setup page in Thrive Online Admin (

Enter the Container ID in the field that says Google Tag Manager Container ID

When an order is completed, Thrive Online will send transaction information, including the total $ amount and the location, to Google Tag Manager.

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