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Block Invalid Delivery Addresses

In some cases, you may find that certain addresses within your delivery area are not eligible for delivery.  Perhaps you've experienced problems delivering to this location in the past, or you wish to avoid certain locations.   You can define exceptions to your delivery area down to the individual apartment level. 

Navigate to Set Up > Choose a location > Delivery Area

Below the delivery area map, you'll see the "Invalid Delivery Area" section

Click the +Add an Invalid Address to enter an address you wish to block

Enter the address.  The system will validate with our geo-code service to ensure it is a recognizable address.

Enter a note if you wish to remember why this address is blocked, then save.

Now, your site will treat this address as if it is outside the delivery area. 

NOTE:  This data is not currently enforced within the POS, it only applies to online orders. 

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