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Thrive Online Release Notes version 4.4

Thrive Online version 4.4.0 released on (9/17/19)

- Initial Thrive Control Center integration for Thrive Online
- Improve Thrive Online page load performance
- Improve order submission logging
- Enable additional security headers

Thrive Online Version 4.4.1 (9/19/19)

- Fixed issue with iFrames loading

Thrive Online Version 4.4.2 (9/30/19) 

 - Fixed Drive App issues for Android make phone call and Mapping
 - Removed toppings now displaying on email confirmation
 - Horizontal layout now properly sizing images
 - Refactor cart pricing to allow for Thrive Control Center integration
 - Added customer phone number to email order confirmation
 - Add alt attribute values to all image elements for ADA compliance wcag 2.1
 - Disable CSS animations for accessibility users using site readers for ADA compliance wcag 2.1
 - Replace custom application element with standard HTML element for ADA compliance wcag 2.1
 - Assign a label or title for all form fields for ADA compliance wcag 2.1
 - Create site map page for ADA compliance wcag 2.1

Thrive Online Version 4.4.3 (10/10/19)

- Fixed auto complete issue effecting item quantity

Thrive Online Version 4.4.4 (10/22/19)

- Supporting black listed addresses in Thrive Control Center
- Delivery blacklist feature in Thrive Online Admin
- Google Tag Manager analytics integration
- Added Generic header for item suggestions for WCAG 

Thrive Online Version 4.4.5 (10/30/19)

- Fixed issued with Google Tag Manager ContainerID not being set properly in all scenarios
- Fixed issue where coupon walk through would allow item to be added to the cart without a size
- Removed duplicate user accounts for users having issues logging in

Thrive Online Version 4.4.6 (11/04/19)

- Holiday Hours/closure fixed (the issue only effected sites with schedule orders inactive)
- Modifiers now properly displaying in cart under show details

Thrive Online Version 4.4.7 (11/08/19)

-Added browser based message to inform Edge/IE users of issues and to use Chrome/Firefox

Thrive Online 4.4.8 (11/13/19)

- Fix for page loading issues with the Edge browser

Thrive Online 4.4.9 (12/03/19) 

- Added ability to upload favicon under account setup
- Fixed issue with coupon walkthroughs with more than 3 items
- Added easy customer registration at check out
- Added ability to have account Logo next to Customer loyalty login/sign up
- Fixed included toppings display in cart issue

Thrive Online 4.4.10 (01/06/20) 

 - Blacklisted Address: Move apt/suite to second address line
 - Business hours fix
- Added phone number field to customer registration

Thrive Online 4.4.11 (01/07/20)

 - Fixed issue with delivery area using "Radius" 

Thrive Online 4.4.12 (01/09/20)

 - Fix for password reset email

Thrive Online 4.4.13 (01/06/20)

 - Improved user experience for updating quantity of items in cart
 - Half and Half toppings are restricted from being ordered on sizes where fractional ordering is restricted
 - Blocked Duplicate orders from being generated when user rapidly clicks submit order
 - Phone number now properly being submitted to salesbuilder when adding customer to loyalty at checkout
 - Updated "publish" URL in Thrive Online admin to use proper path
 - Implementation of TCC pricing for TCC users
 - New Modern user interface design elements added, still under construction. 

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