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Using the Location Finder

The Location Finder option allows customers to search for a location based on their delivery address, current location, or city / state / zip.  This is useful for companies with many locations, to help customers find the one closest to them. 


To activate the location finder feature, navigate to Thr!ve Online Admin and select Set UP > Location Info

At the top of the locations list screen is the setting to activate Location Finder. Set to Active.

User Interaction - Delivery Address

When Location Finder is active, users visiting your online site will see the option to enter their delivery address (if you offer delivery) or to find a location. 

Selecting Enter Delivery Address lets users enter their address:

The system wil validate the address.  If one location is found, the user will be prompted to start their order.   If multiple locations are found that deliver to that address, the user will be prompted to select a location.   If no locations are found, the user may select from locations nearest to them with a different order type, or edit their delivery address. 

User Interaction - Find Location

If the user selects "Find Location", they have the opportunity to find a location near them (based on their device geotracking) or to search based on city, state or zip 

The system will list up to 3 location results within 50 miles of the user's location.   If more than 3 locations are found, the user can select "Show more" to see the next 3.  If no locations are found within 50 miles, the user will be notified. 

Location List:

If the location finder option is inactive, users loading the online site will see a list of all locations, sorted with the closest to the user at the top (if users allows geo-location services).

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