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Adding Calorie Counts to Your Menu

With regulations now in place that require restaurants with 20 or more locations to display calorie information on their menus, you may need to update your online ordering site to display calorie information as well.  This can be done by using the description field.

Adding the Item Description: 

In your POS system, navigate to Configuration > Items and select an item to edit.

Modify your description field to include a short tasty description, then add the calories.  
Save your changes.

If your system is set to update Thrive Online automatically, the changes will be sent. If not, you can wait until all your changes are done, then press the "Update Thrive Online Now" button on the main item page.

Here's how that will show up online:

If you have descriptions showing on your buttons, it will look like this (don't make it too long!):

Size Description:  # of slices per pie

The menu labeling regulation also specifies that the # of slices per pie must also be listed.  You can do this in the "Size Description" field.  

In your POS system, navigate to your pizza department and edit the department.  Click on the "Size" link.

On the size page, click on the cell for individual size.   Then, type in the description field how many slices are in that size.  Continue with your remaining slices.   If you need to add calories for a crust, you could also do that here.   Once you've completed all the sizes, save.

As explained above, update these changes to Thrive Online. 

In Thrive Online, the size descriptions will display like this: 

If you don't see the size descriptions appear, you may need to active them in Thrive Online admin.  Log in, then navigate to the Items & Menus option, then select "Item Menus" from the drop-down.  Check that 'Display Size/Style Descriptions' is ON.

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