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Marking An Item Out of Stock

When you temporarily run out of an item, marking it Out of Stock in your Thrive POS system will update to your online site as well, so customers can not accidentally order it.  (You'll need version 7.7.0 of the POS for this feature). 

Watch video on Out of Stock:

Marking Items out of Stock:

Navigate to the Manager Home, and check the "Manager Alert" widget on your home page.  Click on the Out of Stock link.

The Out of Stock configuration screen will allow you to select items and move them to the right side list to make them out of stock.  Save your changes.  Out of stock will automatically update to Thr!ve Online (as of version 7.7.0) and Let'sGet Online ordering.  It may take a few minutes for your browser to refresh this information. 

When the items are available again, just use the left arrow to take them off the Out of Stock list.

Out of Stock Display in Thrive Online

Items that are out of stock will display as such in Thrive Online.   The overlay color defaults to gray, but can be changed using a custom CSS tag (
  • Background color: .item__card--restricted-overlay.overlay-background
  • Text: .item__card--restricted-reason.overlay-text

For items that are inclusions or requirements, the out of stock will display in the Item Customize area:

Inclusions:   Thrive Online will allow users to order an item that has inclusions out of stock, it will default to "NO" of that item.
Requirements:  Thrive Online will indicate which requirement choices are out of stock.  If all are out of stock, the user can order the item without making a requirement choice.
Coupon Walkthrough:  If some of the available items to choose for a coupon walkthrough requirement are out of stock, you'll see these marked but the coupon walkthrough will continue.  If all are, the coupon itself will be marked as out of stock. 

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